“I don’t know where my Star is,
But I know that If I stop to look for her,
Then the sky will stop for me” F. NIETZSCHE


“If you want to produce the Diamond body, without carefully dispersing it, you have to warm the root of consciousness and life. You must illuminate the blessed place and hidden there, let your true self always live there.”
The secret of the golden flower, C. G. Jung – Richard Whilelm

No humans, No Animals suffer
in the making of the creations.

LAV is pleased to welcome Daymonilia and to be alongside Stefania Squeglia (already creator of Mendittorosa) in this new project.
By choosing these jewels you are declaring your deep love for animals and you will concretely help us to save them and defend them from injustice and mistreatment.
Once again, in fact, Stefania, through her Daymonilia creations, wants to talk about respect for all living beings and is concretely committed to supporting LAV projects in favor of animals.

“…because everything
is too unclean
for the immaculate foot of the Cat….”

Pablo Neruda, Ode To The Cat


Daymonilia is vegan luxury representing pure love for animals with a wish to protect them and their innocence the most as possible.

The Jewels shape combines a Cat paw and a sacred Hamsa. With purpose you can see both. Because syncretism is the key to many things and because reality has never just one face. Stefania Squeglia (Mendittorosa Perfumes Creator and Founder) has designed this jewel out of love. Therefore, she calls it “zampa d’amore”. It is Italian and means “paw of love” in English. Get yours for love and for a new vegan luxury symbol.

Following the tradition

Daymonilia began as several sketches and drawings by hand. Slowly emerging into its final form through trials in precious metals. All handmade in our chosen goldsmith workshop in Naples, the capital of southern Italy.  Here our master goldsmith Paola Capuozzo creates your handmade, unique and detailed Daymonilia based on the classical tradition of the Neapolitan Goldsmith School. Her goldsmith workshop is located in the special area of Naples called Borgo Orefici, which means the small town of the goldsmiths. Here the artisans have been creating beauty for centuries and still do today. A magic area where time seems suspended.

Love for Animals

Daymonilia supports the activities in defence of the most innocent and exposed creatures. Periodically economic means are transferred to the Italian NGO called LAV. They work in every way to oppose any maltreatment of animals, in any form and any kind. LAV has also established the big wildlife shelter for abused animals, Terra LAV. Daymonilia is mainly helping this project. These concrete and tangible commitments and efforts bring new results every day, and this bring happiness to our hearts.


The Daymonilia Jewels come in different shapes. The love and the feeling we put into each one is the same. Every piece is handmade according to your wishes and exclusively for you. (Not Only) For Cat Lovers.

Paw Pendant


Daymonilia Paw

Silver and Coral Paste

Paw Pendant


Daymonilia Paw

Gold and Diamonds

Small Paw Pendant

In Noccolo Name

Daymonilia Little Paw

Gold and Diamonds

Small Paws
Cuff Links / Earrings


Daymonilia Little Paws

Gold and Diamonds